• Saints Netball A-Line Dress

  • Black bummers to be worn - the Dress or Skirt must be longer than the bummers


  • Saints Netball short and V neck top (advised on application)


All Players

  • White socks, clearly visible above the shoe and covering the ankle (3/4 crew)

  • Appropriate footwear for sport is to be worn


It is the player’s responsibility to ensure they are wearing the correct uniform and no player will be permitted to compete in an Association game unless the complete registered uniform of the Club is worn. Umpires have the authority to remove players not in correct uniform.



Playing Caps, Supporter Caps and Hoodies will be made available to all club members as optional extras and at the expense of the individual player.


All nails must be cut short and must not be longer then the tip of the finger. Taping is not permitted.

All jewellery, including stud earrings, must be removed before taking the court. Medical bracelets are allowed but must be taped. 


Uniforms are available for try on and purchase at all pre-season events. Dates will be confirmed via Facebook.


You can also purchase uniforms and optional items at the time of registration or via our online shop in the NetballConnect app:

1. Go to App

2. Login if required

3. Select ... More

4. Select Shop

5. In the dropdown, scroll down to find Saints Netball Club (MacGregor Netball Association)

6. Select product/s and size if applicable

7. Add to cart

8. Select Continue

9. Add payment details and submit

For any enquiries, please email our Uniform  Coordinator at  saintsnetballuniforms@hotmail.com